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Aikido Performance Clip Sandan Test - Лохматые записки

About Aikido Performance Clip Sandan Test

Previous Entry Aikido Performance Clip Sandan Test 21 июл, 2007 @ 19:28 Next Entry
Нашел рядом с работой додзё.
Первая треннировка в прошлый понедельник на которую попал была - применение Айкидо на улице.
Хорошо поработали - руки и спина в синяках.
А это на закуску:

Aikido Performance Clip Sandan Test.
The images are designed around the song Crazy of Seal.
Here you can see Aikido from a technical and spontaneous point of view, solo and with partner, with weapons and open hand. In the spontaneous movements often music is used.
The test took place in Cully, Switzerland. Examinator is Patrick Cassidy, 5th dan, and guest teacher Miles Kessler, 4th dan.
Test taker is Carolina van Haperen (http://aimushin.tripod.com).
Creator of this beautiful piece is Gael Vittoz. (more)

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